Mijn projecten


This page is having the purpose of showing my projects that I created and I'm kind of proud on them. That's why.


2 parts ofcourse

Work in progress and finished but let us begin with the ones that are finished as those can remain here for sure.


Finished projects

Website Personal - If you are looking at this page that means you actually found it already. I started with this project in 2008 but I never made much time for it. At this moment what you see is what already has been created.


Java project 2009 - 2010

Design of a game made with Java. My project was some kind of Helicopter rescue.

Download Game - Download Manual (.doc MSWord)


Work in progress

I think that you already noticed that this is far from the main site. That's my current biggest project that I'm working on. This site might be still onder construction when you arrive here so some things might not really work yet.