About me...


Name: Thielens Tom

Born January 20, 1987 Diest

Living at Kwaadmechelen/Ham

Limburg Belgium



When I ended my studies when I got my first grade (basic school) they told me I was rather smart and that I should go for Latin. I didn't do this because it didn't interest me at all. I prefered to go for technical education in the highest grading. Later on when we had to pick I chose Industrial science but in the 4th grade I decided to finish in Electro Mechanics.


Passion for PC's

I created a small passion for PC's. First of all playing games but later on changing and tuning my PC for my need. I tried to solve as many of my own problems and so far I succeeded pretty well in doing so. I can now look, change, tune and more of those nice things. I never learned how to handle PC's, I teached it all by myself.

It even came so far that my interest also went further on the internet. To prove that you can see this site and the design of it (Fully designed this site for me). On my own I also trained my skills and talents in Graphics and so on. You can see the changes in time that I became better at what I did. Due my interest in PC you can always ask me for advice for self build and to help you with your PC problems which I can try to help you with in finding a solution.


My further development

Thanks to my passion I decided to continue studying in this direction but not in the creation of programs or games but the ways of a network and the creation of servers. Though I do have some interest in the making of graphics and programs. I might get some extra education in those but it seems that people in the ICT are a need lately. That's why I picked this one as my choice but I might get some extra educations in what I like. You never know.


Pleasure, fun

So far my live is a lot around my PC but that can change when it's for a better me. People can change a damn lot over years.