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Topic: Just a quicky

Well hi again. I'm sure you won't think much of it so far but I'm kinda working on the new system settings with some friend. Well atleast helping me think is what he's trying to do. I'm thinking of integrating a forum and such on the new site soon but kinda will link it here to when I do that probably.

So far it's pretty much sure that RD needs some kind of crest. Only the true ones can obtain or you have to be a damn good one at graphics to steal it or make it similar to mine. Well it's rather simple. Raydesign holds his own crest symbol :p

It's the cross like symbol. This is a linking image to the page whenever you want to use it :p The crest will be our new logo choice :p If you'll find that you can be sure it's us :p Well whatever back to work on my personal page. It's linked in the About at this time being just for those who want to check. So far only a Dutch version is avaible though... An English one will follow ... Enjoy


Topic: It's ALIVE... HOLY DAMN

Wow noticing the news page last update this has been done ages ago... Crazy... Doesn't really matter though... Well I'm still alive so far and it seems the site thing got really set back with all the school jobs and slowly forgotten... That's why I'm very sorry and I will soon give some new uppings.

The Raydesign will be revived and redesigned to a point of ... Well you won't recognise it... A friend will help me to... It's going to be bigger than what my idea was but so far I have been one hell of a lazy bum... I don't know if you guys can or not but some new pages are set avail to reveal about me personally already. More or less coming closer I get to be thrown out of college :p Well thrown out is big worth but I might just graduate which gives me time to repair and create the site... cause honest... Yeah I know this is CRAP :D

For the smart ones... I know you are out there. There is a possible chance you can look to new peaks in the website. There is one for me personal being setup :) Not gonna tell you where this time though but it's out there. Also I'm pretty sure you guys noticed so far that this site hasn't been updated for ages.

Lots of things to do still but if the personal design is done I work on the next gen :) Since things are weaving in eachother it's rather easy to make this fully work. The complete thing though won't be ready for a while and the designs are completely renewed. What bothers me on gallery pages :p

Also if someone really know something about those nice and sweet HTAccess to make .php shows the errors instead of no input specified... I still haven't figured it out without creating a 500 error :p

Well to much typing and reading is no good so... Later :)

BTW Await the project pages :p there might be some time killers on that one soon :D


Topic: As school sometimes has little jobs...

Well we had to make some kind of quiz a longer time ago allready... Because of that I made one with the style of the new site... Some things are kinda working while others are not but I'm gonna let you guys play around with the quiz and the new style... I will put it in here so you guys don't get so lonely on playing around the site... (PS if new links come avaible in the page due the introduction of the template I'm using than you can try them however you won't get far on the site anyway)

The Quiz you can take here


Topic: Some small tweaks

This might be not really visible to you or ever has been visible to you but the thing was visible to me... Seemed if you tried customised 404 when access PhP pages that you didn't really got the custom 404... This is not yet fixed now... I'm also currently reworking some stuff in a template to get easier editing... I'm pausing on the database files until that is done as well as on admin files that you won't see until I'm having a full working security with secure links... Yes I'm an ass I want let you use the site unless I'm done :)



Topic: No new updates ?

I know I haven't gotten any updates done lately... Well I'm the one to blame... I had a bad problem on my hard disk and I had to fix it... Well it's about to get fixed but I'm still having recovery to do as well as set up new configurations... As long as I'm doing that which I hope to get done in one week I can't even start updates on the website

I hope you guys will be patient... I'm getting on it as soon as I can... Also I'm currently looking in the Ajax function and hope we can get something running on the track soon... The bad problem is the recovery of all my old files as well as lost stuff... I would love to get my PSD's back of the new website... Atleast the good thing is that most stuff is intact...

Anyway I hope you guys understand this delays the website and I'm very sorry for that...

Technical problems are allways trouble



Topic: Updates

Currently some updates have been done to pages... Since the last error pages about 4 have been added and aren't accessable unless you create errors...

For school purposes there has been created a login page which you can also access on the old site but it's just made for accesses to people which have the password and not to any other people who are not having that password...

Also there has been updates to the main beta but you won't see that page unless it's done... It's quietly getting some shapes and forms... Now looking for better pics... Also a test gallery page has been added to the site but nobody but me can upload to it :) I know I'm evil for telling...

Anyway as the work progresses I should show you guys some spoiler and honestly I won't know what to show... I can say the beta link hasn't been changed much as it looks but I do have to say some tweaks are made to the original and it's a bit cleaner :) For all the other parts I guess you have to wait till the site comes up and the old one I have will close down than :)

Also I'm not sure yet about a blog or a forum added to this page but I'll see that in the near future... Thank you very much for checking up on me and till I catch you next time



Topic: Errors

We all know people don't like to see error 404 and 403... Also more of those type of pages. They will get filled in later on as well... But we are pleased to announce we got now custom pages for those errors :) If you want to see them you need offcourse an error :)

Don't worry I give you 2 errors here :)

404 page you can get here

403 page you can get here

These pages are only temporaly and will contain more and better information later so that you people have more resources or access towards the site :) I hope you'll enjoy them... I do (I hate those normal error pages)


Topic: Temporaly design online

I'm glad to state I can show you guys some design pages... As the CSS get updated this page will follow the progress however the real page will be hidden... as the work progresses... Pieces will slowly come online but so far they won't come out easy :) Anyway I won't let you wait much longer... Here you go

Click me to see the beta design


Topic: Temporaly site running

Hiya... Welcome on the temporaly site. The current work in progress is busy from the bottom off + I also have school so the progress on the new site is gonna take a while... I guess you guys are curious what I'm gonna do with it. Well it's gonna be my introduction site + some designs I make + some things I like such as anime will be linked there :) I'm hoping you will gladly enjoy it while I'm done so... Also the site will give some personal information and more to what I'm doing in life (or atleast try to do) So I hope you'll check on it again soon...

Since the site is under construction though this site will stay online. Normally this one should work but if it won't I'm very sorry... You might want to contact me than by the contact page