Well I don't know if it's usefull for you but when me is not busy with this site I'm having fun around anime or graphics... So for you I would put some links up to video site for now :) and I hope you have some fun there as well with finding some anime's or movies or something

Just look good and have fun




I decided I would add my old site to... I change the crap a little towards the changes as it was twisted and destroyed all over by linking images from locations not even avaible anymore...

Raydesign's old version

Raydesign future gallery

You can also see my hobby of gaming and my oldest graphic skills on the old site a bit... Something you see that has grown over time by taking a look towards the new graphics on this site index and stuff... More likely you will see the difference between me in old style and new style... I will also take a look to get a possibility to add some of the images to the new gallery where atm is one test picture. Some of my old sigs might be on the old FTP while I recover my drive and stuff... The gallery is the second link there